About Me

I am the mother of two children with Schizophrenia (I will elaborate on that in another page at some point). I have overwhelmed my Facebook page with posts about Mental Illness and Mental Health.

I have created this blog to follow my passion in Advocating for Mental Health Reform. I advocate for a time when Mental Illness is given the attention, the compassion and the FUNDING that any other physical diseases receive. It is a brain disease, a diseased organ. It comes in many forms, some deadly, some life crushing, some just mildly irritating. Brain disease is like the ugly step child. It is better swept under the carpet. We don’t want to look at it, hear about it, take care of it…but it is there, growing and festering and about to explode across the nation. It can’t be ignored any longer. The soldiers are coming home, and up to 50% of them will have PTSD.

Nearly every day we hear it on the news, another Psycho goes on a rampage! Literally it is happening every day. I will prove it to you. I am putting it in your face-Like it or Not.

Just as Laura Sorensen’s family pleaded for help (http://treatmentadvocacycenter.org/about-us/our-blog/128-wa/2147-washington-tragedies-predicted-and-preventable) most of these victims of a failing mental health system, were swept through the cracks, brushed off, and the families left to wait for the inevitable TRAGEDY. Tragedy that would likely destroy all of their lives and often the lives of many others.


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